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I’m Pedr, an experienced Front End Developer and Designer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North of England. I love concise, readable and well tested code and minimal design where content is king.

I’ve been working as a freelance designer and developer for over ten years and I’m well versed in JavaScript, CSS (including Sass and Styled Components) and a good chunk of Rails. I’ve also developed some non-trivial iOS apps (though not for a while). Over the years I’ve worked for a huge variety of clients from high-street fashion brands, high-end design agencies and startups to NGOs and theatre companies, on websites and both web and mobile apps.

I’m a big fan of CSS-in-JS and functional programming and I am one of the core contributors to Ramda Adjunct, the most popular extension library for Ramda, the gold standard in JavaScript FP, and I’ve contributed to a number of other open-source projects including Gatsby.

I have recently taken some time out to improve my skills through working on a number of my own open-source projects including:

  • cssapi provides sites and apps using CSS-in-JS with a simple mechanism for defining, managing and accessing values used throughout their styles and across breakpoints, improving consistency and flexibility.
  • gatsby-starter-skeleton is a full-featured starter for use with Gatsby.
  • gatsby-plugin-node-fields is a plugin for Gatsby offering a simple API for defining defaults, transforming and validating node values.
  • folktale-validations is a comprehensive functional validation framework for simple value and recursive-object validation and transformation using Folktale’s Validation Monad and supporting object schemas.
  • cssapi-mq is a fully-featured and flexible API for rendering Media Queries in CSS-in-JS applications.
  • jasmine-multline-matchers are a set of Jest / Jasmine matchers for matching against multi-line strings.
  • grid-model is a small library for modelling a grid and accessing its metrics.

If you’d like to see the code I write you can take a look at my Github and to see what I’ve been stuggling with recently have a look at my Stack Overflow Profile (I’m in the top 2% of contributors and my questions and answers have reached around 1.6 million people).

Last year I co-edited the official Webpack book SurviveJS:Webpack written by Juho Vepsäläinen, one of the core Webpack team.

Alongside writing code I sometimes do print work, photography and the occasional music video which you can see over at my other site